Ask first, shoot later.

My advice when booking or wanting to use privately owned public spaces for shoots is this:

Approach the owner before the shoot and ask for their rates for booking the space for a shoot.

Honestly, paying for the time is the best option. It’s usually not expensive and it shows respect for the owner of that space. Building good relationships with other businesses is your best bet.

Often, coffee shops are wonderful places to shoot. If it is impromptu, and you happen to pop in on the day, say you’re wanting to shoot, won’t disturb their customers, will buy drinks and would love to tag them in the behind the scenes.

Make sure that they know that the reason you’re shooting is for a personal brand and not a huge marketing campaign etc. Don’t make it sound scary.

Get out there and SHOOT!

Stephanie White Stef Spills Ink
Stephanie White Stef Spills Ink