I shoot in flow, so that everything is candid and nothing forced

It is my job to perform for you. I am your photographer and my job is to make sure you feel comfortable and know exactly what you need to do.

I say NO to awkward posing and fidgety hands.

I talk the whole shoot, I show you how to sit, I show you your photos in the back of camera so that you can help me be the best creator for you.

Pre Shoot Experience


Book a Creative Call

Book in a 15 phone call to discuss your shoot options best suited for your biz.


I send Package Options

So you've got all the details on paper, you'll get an email with everything I offer (you won't see it on here;)


We choose your ideal shoot

Choosing the right shoot package is SO important. Once you know what you want, we choose our dates, times & lock it all in with a deposit to secure your date.


Creative Call 2

We have our planning call. Here we discuss strategy, locations, hair, make-up, outfits, props & prepare your for filming videos.

Post Shoot Experience


Shoot Day!

The best day of your biz life! Promise, it's nerve wracking but SO worth all that prep.

Take your friends out to dinner with that beautiful face of make-up on!


Editing Begins

Within two weeks of your shoot, you'll have a gallery of images to choose from and your videos on the way within another few days!


Gallery Delivered

Your photos are delivered to you wrapped nicely in a portal that you can share with your team and biz besties to help you choose. You can also grab extra images if you'd like. Your videos are delivered in a Google Drive.


Begin Posting

I don't usually retouch images. Why?

Because I encourage every woman I photograph to see themselves as the true beauty that they are. However, if you've got something that needs fixing, we can do that for you.


Do you offer refunds?

I know my work is at the top quality available, so your deposit is nonrefundable because I block out that day for you 100%.
If you cancel your shoot before we shoot (with fair notice) we can refund if you've paid in full. However, after the shoot is done, no refunds are processed.

Do you offer discounts?

No, my work is a result of hundreds of thousands of dollars of education, equipment & skill built up over 4 years in this industry.

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course we do! We understand working on a cash basis biz model. Just ask and we can give you the deets. No it's is not more expensive that paying up front.

Can I bring a friend to my shoot?

Of course you can - I love friends!

Do you do quoted shoots?

Yes, everyone's needs are different, so let's spice it up.

Do you offer make-up services?

My go-to lady for make-up is Tara Clark, from Black Lash Make-up Design. She is amazing and specialises in branding photography. But, if you have someone special in mind, it is completely up to you!

Where do you shoot?

If there is natural light and a beautiful vibe - we can shoot anywhere is the greater Perth area.

Do you have a studio to recommend?

I have a number of options for you depending on the look you need. Pop in for a call and I can share it with you.

Can I share a shoot with my biz bestie?

Yes, I know people love to share the cost and the experience. I have just the package for you.