Feeling Camera shy?

Ever wished you where SO confident in front of the camera that booking a shoot wasn't scary at all?😉📸

You and many others! Here are some tips to get you there:

💞 Be kind to yourself. Nobody is perfect and neither are you. That's okay.

💫 Be prepared. Have an idea of what you want to achieve.

📸 Be honest about how you feel about having your photo taken. Tell your photographer about your best side😉

🌸 Be realistic in your expectation. You are who you are. Don't expect to look like someone you're not when getting your photos back.

💥 Switch into work mode. Get the job done. Like with anything you're anxious about, get your nerves in order and smash it like the boss that you are.

By the way, even the best of the best can feel anxious before shoots. Its a vulnerable place to be😉

Photograph of Dr. Kathrine Iscoe