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ABOUT The shoot


> Scroll-stopping photographs.

> Stock and content filler images.

> Images to support your marketing and social media.

> Storytelling imagery - Showcase your services.

> Images created for use on websites, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Emails, Promotions, Facebook ad campaigns, Coupons etc.

> Includes staff members head-shots, group/individual shots of staff and clients, store, store front, group bookings, etc.


> Each video will be planned and shot during the still image part of the shoot. *Slow Motion typing on laptop, talking to a client, applying oils etc.

> Videos created with social media and website usage in mind; options for sound, music or silent videos.

> Designed For: Website Banners, Facebook Page Banner, Emails, Social Media, Facebook Ads, Promotions etc.

> Vertical/Portrait Videos for Instagram stories - use as promotional material.

How It Works explained

With Steph

How it works

Step 1: Let's have a chat. Once you've submitted the form below, I'll be in touch to book in a chat on the phone. During this chat, I get to know you and your business. I will also give you pricing and booking options.

Step 2: After our chat, and we know we will be a good team, I will send you through the booking information.

Step 3: Once we are all booked in, we will set a date and time for our shoot and creative call. This help will help you feel prepared and ready to make magic on the day.

Step 4: Let's shoot!

Step 5: Within 14 - 21 days, you'll have your final photos and videos back!

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Example Galleries

Short & Sharp

Videos are an essential part of that conversion from viewer to customer. This is one example of how we film the video and convert it for use on social media.

Majority of your client base will find you with their phone in their hand, so why not create in a format for exactly that?