Dr Kathrine
Dr Kathrine

How to confidently shoot in public:

The thing that scares the living shit out of most of you ;)

Funny thing is, I’ve been a photographer since I was a kid and shooting for my dad. So, being out in public with the camera is as easy as breathing for me.

My top priority    is getting the shot and making sure I look after you. There could be a million people watching, but my whole focus is on you and the job at hand.

So, no matter your nerves, I'm there to look after you.

I will still guide you the whole time, never stop talking and never leave you standing feeling awkward.

This shoot was shot at Scarborough, at 6pm, outside the Lookout. Now, you tell me it wasn’t busy then right?

Notice how nobody is looking at my model? Because nobody cares really. Cameras are such a part of living these days, it’s really nothing to see a photo shoot happening.

In fact, it’s actually kind of amazing. You are doing something for your business like that!