How do I book my shoot?

Just fill out one of the forms located on my "Bookings & Enquiries" or my "Shoot Options" pages. I will land in your inbox within 24 - 48 hours to book in a chat about your next shoot!

Do you also do product photography?

Yes, I do also offer product photography. We can include your products in any shoot you have with me!

I have no idea how to pose and having a shoot really scares me. help?!

I say this to everyone. Nobody I photograph is a professional model. Everyone is an ambitious business woman like yourself. It is my job to guide and support you and I will show you everything I want you to do, so you will never stand there feeling awkward. You might actually end up enjoying it!

Can you send me your price list?

A photo shoot with me is not just a normal shoot. This is a step forward in your business. My goal is to help you make money and get a return on investment. I do not just send through pricing, I want to talk to you about how I can best serve you and your business. I also want to see if we are a good match and if working with you is also right for me! That way, we get the ultimate result.

Do you offer make-up services?

My go-to lady for make-up is Tara Clark, from Black Lash Make-up Design. She is amazing and specialises in branding photography. But, if you have someone special in mind, it is completely up to you!