Let me share a little knowledge...

I was chatting to my client yesterday during our shoot and had a little moment of reflection. 

Imposter Syndrome... 

It's actually a good thing. It means you’re going somewhere.

It means that you’re growing.

It means you’re having an impact in your business. 

It means you’re facing fears and making shit happen. 

I talk to a lot of women every single day, planning shoots. I always ask them about what they struggle with in terms of their branding/business/imagery. Most of the time, the answer is, confidence. Feeling shy, scared to show their face online and that they aren’t allowed to make an impact. 

Honestly, it’s the dumbest thing ever. Who the hell said you can’t? Was it you?

I’m giving you permission to make a noise! 

I am giving you the chance to show up in your business. 

I am giving you permission to love yourself and the way you look. 

I am giving you permission to share your story. 

I am giving you the tools to show yourself in your authentic light. 

I am giving you the method to building a brand you love. 

I’m giving you the secret to confidence online. 

I’m giving you the chance to be brighter and bigger than your competition. 

I used to think, it’s only photographs - how does this help other business women? Now, I laugh at myself. Because I KNOW, it means so much more than that. 

It’s empowerment in the universe to make that maximum IMPACT.

Stephanie Gorton